At the 14th Ethno Food and Drink Fair, Belgrade Fair, Serbia, in the frame of Ethno Courtyard, the international exhibition and business meetings of companies from agricultural and food sector within the INNOVAGRO Project were held.

Under the auspices of the INNOVAGRO project, besides SMEs from partner countries, the exhibitors were Serbian food producers: Hoff doo, Biosil doo, Kvestor doo, PG Miletic, H&H Immunizers. They had the opportunity to present themselves at an international exhibition within the booth of the Innovagro project at the 14th Ethno Food and Drink Fair, after which bilateral talks were held with companies from Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Albania for business connection.

The INNOVAGRO project is funded by the Adriatic-Ionian Programme, and aims to support the development of a regional innovation system, the promotion of environmentally friendly agricultural practices, the development of innovation in this region through the adoption of initiatives for the development of strategies at partner country level and networking of companies for potential cooperation.

In addition to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the project includes the following partners: the Chania Chamber of Commerce, the Region of Crete, the Technical University of Crete, the Network of Island Chambers of Commerce of the European Union, the Province of Potenza, the University of Basilicata, the E-Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions, the Italian Agricultural Confederation of Italy and the Chamber of Commerce of Albania.




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Watch below two videos from the extroversion event.