On Thursday 26th September, in Orsara di Puglia (FG), CIA Puglia organized a workshop focused on “Experiential Tourism in the Agricultural and Rural Sector – Case Studies, Perspectives, Opportunities“.

The meeting opened at 3 p.m. by the greetings of Andrea Iaffaldano, Vice President CIA Puglia, followed by an introduction to the workshop by Thodoris Tsimrikidis, INNOVAGRO Project Manager, and reports by the professors of the University of Foggia, Antonio Stasi on the theme “Experience and Storytelling. How Effective In Food And Agriculture Business?” and Mariarosa Lombardi on “Social Innovation Experiences in Rural Tourism“. Dante De Lallo (President of the GAL – Rural Daunia 2020) spoke on “EU Funding For Rural Tourism“.


The workshop continued with the interventions of Darko Jaksic of the Belgrade Centre for Viticulture with a report entitled “Terroir Examination of Wine-Growing Areas as a Basis for the Development of Wine Production and Wine Tourism Sectors in Serbia“; Boban Ilic of the Rural Development Working Group in Eastern Europe spoke on “Networking in The field of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Western Balkans – Regional Support Mechanism for Finance And Cooperation“; Evangelos Grigoroudis of the Technical University of Crete presented a report on “Online Business Tools and Agro-Food Companies in the Adrion Area“; Makraki Charitaki Crisa of the Crete Region presented “Promotional Program of P.D.O./P.G.I. and Organic Products“; Michele Masciale and Antonella Montanarella of the Hotel Management School “Gasparrini” in Melfi spoke on “Basilicata Region on the Table: Educational and Professional Schooling for the Promotion of High Quality Agrofood Products“.

In Orsara di Puglia (FG), guests had been the protagonists of an educational tour around the vineyards, the garden and the estates, which offer Peppe Zullo the opportunity to realize their philosophy of simple food for intelligent people.

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