Within the framework of the INNOVAGRO project, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia organized the seminar “Traditional Proprietary Products” as part of presenting the realized activities on the project and exchanging experiences in this field, at the Hotel Tulip Inn Putnik, New Belgrade, Serbia.

The event was opened by Aleksandar Bogunović, Project Manager in Serbia, who welcomed the partners, by emphasizing the importance of the CCIS in improving the agricultural and food sector in Serbia.

Project activities were presented by Thodoris Tsimrikidis, Project Manager, while the technological platform and its role in networking were presented by Prof. Evangelos Grigoroudis, from Greece. Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia, Head of the Quality Group, Branislav Raketić, informed the participants on the activities carried out in Serbia in order to raise the level of product quality in terms of recognition and branding.

Organic production in Greece was discussed by Prof. Evangelos Grigoroudis, while Slovenian expert Igor Kos presented experiences from Slovenia. Expert Dr Maria Lampraki talked about quality control and certification. Olive oil production in the Province of Potenze-Italy was presented by expert Romaniello Rocco, and Massimo Fragassi spoke about quality in the Province of Foggia. Finally, Dhurata Thanasi Danari, an expert from Albania, presented to the participants, more closely and through a video, the revitalization of Albanian traditional products.



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