Alessandro Attolico, Province of Potenza, Project Partner

Our experience for the project INNOVAGRO PLUS is fantastic. We met new people, very good friends. We work together for more than 2 years with a very good cooperation and efficiency. I would like to thank the Lead Partner the Chania Chamber that has been very skillful and provide us very good coordination of the activities and for hospitality in this beautiful place. I thanks all partners for the beautiful cooperation and I think that we can cooperate also in the future

Francesco Scorza, University of Basilicata, Project Partner

Today we are closing INNOVAGRO PLUS project, we are here in Chania thanks to Chania Chamber I order to state again the importance of INNOVAGRO NETWORK, a Network of Operators, Public Authorities, Universities, Business Support Centers that intends to promote the interest for exploiting the agro food potential in the Adrion Area.

Irini Mikeli, INSULEUR, Project Partner

Α beautiful project is under completion in a beautiful place, Chania, after 4 years efforts with guide the Chania Chamber. I hope meet again in the continuation of INNOVAGRO PLUS project or in another European project.

Giorgos Lybinakis, Region of Crete, Project Partner

On behalf of Region of Crete, I would like to thank all partners and Chania Chamber for this nice and productive cooperation that we had. Also, I hope that the outcomes of the project become useful for everyone.

Darko Ferčej, E-zavod, Project partner

We are finishing the INNOVAGRO PLUS project. The project brings together a lot of stakeholders from different countries of Adrion Programme. We had very interesting activities for partners and stakeholders, we brought together a lot of innovation companies from the sector of food and agro-industry and we are very happy that the project is still continuing with the Network and we are thinking about new possibilities especially in the field in circular economy.

Helena Cvenkel, Bsc-Kranj, Stakeholder from Slovenia

I’m really glad to be invited in this excellent 2-days event of the project, where I learned a lot of results that were accomplished in this project. I’m really glad to be a part of this exciting exchanging Network that will stay alive and be active in the future. I’m looking forward together with the partners of the project, to able also to contribute to future solutions for the regions with the new topics they are coming and are also important for agri food producers.

Aleksandar Bogunovic, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Project partner

INNOVAGRO project started more than 2 years ago, and we had a great opportunity to combine, industries, innovation, companies, people, actions which have something in common. The INNOVAGRO project a great pattern an opportunity for them to meet and to exchange ideas for a further implementation of growth and cooperation in regions and even more.