INNOVAGRO PLUS project, funded by ADRION project, is going through its last steps having implemented all scheduled project’s activities such as:

  • Updating the INNOVAGRO capitalization strategy and enhancing the further operation of the already established INNOVAGRO network in order to ensure their resilience to COVID-19 and the consequent economic crisis by elaborating a detailed action plan.
  • Organizing the Kick-off General Assembly of INNOVAGRO Network to discuss and decide for his further operation and growth,
  • Enhancing the already developed Virtual Transnational Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (VIBIEC),, by continuing to: offer e-support and information to agrofood SMEs, attract new users, update and enrich the content of the e-platform,
  • Organising 4 National Awareness & Promotion Events in Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia,
  • Organising activities related to the promotion of practical application of the main products/practices developed during INNOVAGRO project, such as: a) 1 2-days Transnational Promotion Event, b) Producing 1 Promotion Video, c) Developing a Methodological Guide on networking, and d) continuing to info-feed project’s web-site & social accounts.
  • Organising 4 National Meetings for future potential beneficiaries in Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia.

More specific, during the Kick-off General Assembly of INNOVAGRO Network, organized by Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in Chania, at 17 & 18/6/2022, the official launch of the Network was announced, the Action Plan of the Network was agreed, and new member – entries were approved enhancing in this way the Network. All members of the Network and a large number of stakeholders from Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia participated in this Assembly.

The following 13 Institutes from Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and Albania participate already in INNOVAGRO Network:

  • Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Region if Crete
  • Technical University of Crete
  • Network of the INSULAR Chambers of Commerce & Industry of EU
  • Province of Potenza
  • E-zavod, Institute for comprehensive development solutions
  • Italian Confederation of Agriculture
  • Union of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Albania
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
  • University of Basilicata
  • Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania
  • University of Macedonia
  • Ionian University.

Concluding, INNOVAGRO Network is always open to new members and institutions from the ADRION area operating at international, national, regional and local level, and interesting to promote extroversion and internationalization capabilities of agro-food SMEs.

For more information please visit the project’s web-page: or contact with Chania Chamber of Commerce & Industry (email: